In the aeronautical industry, where safety is the main parameter to consider, complex technological processes based on machine vision that pursue perfection are used in aircraft construction, maintenance and operational software.


Temperature control of motors by thermography


Inspection of propeller blades


Fire detection by thermographic drone

Cooperative system that provides the performance of a thermographic camera accompanied by an aeronautical device, which has a sufficient mechanical structure to provide the ability to take flight.

Solution for fire detection through the conjunction of an machine vision system and an aeronautical system.

This cooperative system provides us, on the one hand, with the performance of a vision system for inspection and, on the other hand, with the performance of an aeronautical device, which has a sufficient mechanical structure to provide us with the ability to take flight.

With this crossbreeding, a mobile and governable machine vision system is achieved for inspection from the heights. If you also incorporate a thermographic system, able to perceive the infrared radiation released by the bodies according to their temperature, this becomes an ideal firefighting system.

Thermographic image of a fire

Therefore, surface monitoring by drones and an enabled thermographic camera allows for a region-centered terrestrial survey of the region of interest with the ability to visualize and highlight those stretches that have radiation above the expected range, taking advantage of the high differentiation between an element at room temperature and when it reaches dangerous temperature levels.

Display of the advantages of thermographic imaging

The firae, like any chemical reaction, has several phases, with a focus on the phase corresponding to the ignition (point that generates the appearance of a fire without the need for external energy) it is possible to drastically reduce the risk of fires in the monitored area.

In short, this solution leaves a total system within reach, with the ability to vary the area and working distance of the inspection and is also capable of preventing or detecting fires in time.

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