The chemical sector is a sector associated with the world of machine vision due to its high level of automation of quality control processes, material and composite handling processes and constant leadership in R+D+i.


Detection of bubbles and foreign bodies in pipettes

Verification task and control of verification, bubbles and injection defects by means of machine vision.

To ensure the correct production of pipettes, the sector requires processes of verification and control of dimensions, bubbles and injection defects through machine vision due to market demands.

The machine vision system consists of a matrix camera, eco274, with a 1600x1200 px@26fps CCD sensor, from the manufacturer SVS-Vistek.

Through the strobe sync output of the camera, it allows synchronization with the lighting in order to capture at high line speeds.

Vision Online has designed Matrox Imaging's MIL10 machine vision library based software that enables verification in just 85ms.

Inspection of machine vision pipettes.


Volumetric control of solid compounds

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