Pin Inspector is a 3D inspection system which verifies all main geometric dimensions on electrical connectors (e.g. pins presence/absence, wobble circle, heights, distances and alignments), providing an evaluation if an electrical component fulfills (or not) all requirements given by the user.

The machine vision allows us to attack processes of measurement, control and positioning of components with high precision in a sector where the maximum integration of components in an increasingly reduced size is pursued day by day.


Inspection of flat panels

Machine vision solution for high resolution inspection of wafers, solar panels and displays integrated by the main manufacturers of smartphones and tablets.

Machine vision solution for high resolution inspection in displays integrated by the main manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. Also extendable for inspection of wafers and solar panels.

By means of an electronic analysis it is possible to determine a hypothetical behavior assigned to the pixels that make up the displays, however, not all variables are considered. A visual inspection task is essential for checking and verifying their actual behaviour.

Flat panel inspection.

Semiconductor technology has evolved exponentially, with a tendency to reduce the size of integrated electronic circuits, generating a greater concentration of elements: in this case a higher resolution in the same space. A fact that requires a parallel evolution in the acquisition devices used for its inspection, which requires an inspection by means of high resolution acquisition devices that guarantee the correct pixel by pixel operation of the screens.

The system includes the integration of acquisition devices with a resolution of 47 MP to ensure sufficient accuracy for the complete analysis of the display pixel matrix. Another possible option for achieving high resolutions would be to integrate linear acquisition devices but these are too exposed to the trajectory of the object displacement and by focusing on very small inspection areas, a small movement affects the invalidity of the system.


PCB screen printing control


Positioning of SMD components


Inspection and measurement of PCB pins and connectors

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