Graphic Arts

Many processes based on machine vision are involved in the graphic arts sector: graphic design, press, binding and finishing processes, cutting, pleating, folding or printing systems such as offset, screen printing, typography or digital.


Reading Characters


Control of printing areas and colour elements on banknotes


Authenticity check on banknotes

The authenticity of a banknote responds to the presence of security elements and their corresponding aaccording to stipulated patterns, so that a system that is capable of carrying out inspection tasks focused on these elements and also in a compact manner becomes a valid solution for verification.

Machine vision solution for the control and verification of banknotes based on hyperspectral technology.

The authenticity and validity of a ticket depends on the existence of several security elements with a particular distribution according to stipulated patterns. So a system that is capable of carrying out a focused inspection on these elements and that also as a compact unit becomes an optimal system.

Hyperspectral inspection of banknotes.

In order to understand the bases and foundations of this solution it is necessary to make a section on the theory of "spectral footprint", a physical concept that stipulates that each material presents its own behavior along the domain formed by the electromagnetic spectrum.

Therefore, and considering the integration of a set of devices capable of, on the one hand, generating radiation with an extensive spectral path and, at the same time, a sensor that not only shows sensitivity to them, but also provides added value by being able to discern and classify the information obtained according to the range to which they belong, allows for a simplicity that cannot be improved.

In short, we are facing the projection of a meticulous analysis that resorts to a differential process section by section of the spectral range in which it operates, leading to a differential analysis that allows us to determine the validity of the product and combat counterfeiting.

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