151 Megapixels: The shr411

The new member of our SHR series with a resolution of 151 megapixels and the Sony IMX sensor with its excellent image quality is a perfect tool for detecting more details.



Once again, we push the resolution barriers and offer the right combinations to get the best quality images. With CoaXPress, shr411 delivers approximately 6.5 images per second. The sensor and camera will be mass-produced in the second quarter of 2019.

With the announcement of shr411, SVS-Vistek introduces a high-quality CMOS area scanning camera, which provides users with an exceptional resolution of 151 megapixels. The newest member of the SHR series is equipped with Sony’s Pregius IMX411 sensor and a CoaXPress interface.

Sony’s integrated IMX411 sensor with 14,192 x 10,656 pixels and a size of 3.76 x 3.76 µm per pixel guarantees an extremely high resolution of 151 megapixels and exceptional image quality. Image transfer is managed via a four-channel CoaXPress interface with data transfer rates of up to 6.25 GB/s per channel, enabling an image speed of 6.5 images/s.

For applications that require high accuracy and detail in image capture, such as wafer inspection, solar panels or screens, shr411 is the ideal choice.

The shr411 uses a rolling shutter and is designed in monochromatic and colour models. With powerful functions such as 512 MB internal SDRAM, four integrated LED controllers for direct lighting control, read-out control, binning, look-up tables, as well as automatic or manual white balance on the color model, shr411 is perfectly suited for use in many industrial applications.

The camera will go into production during spring 2019. It has an M72 x 0.75 lens adapter, as well as a very precise mechanical and optical camera housing, allowing for the safe and precise grip required when using high quality lenses for repetitive measurements. The shr411 housing measures 80 x 80 x 63 mm and has an IP30 degree of protection. The camera is also designed so that the heat generated by the electronics and sensors is effectively and symmetrically dissipated or controlled by the use of an external fan. With this combination of technical features, the 380 gram shr411 has a stable long-term behaviour in image capture and therefore enables the development of high-quality image processing systems with which even the smallest deviations can be recognised.

More info in SHR CoaXPress

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