Vicosys® multi-camera system with thermography license

Do you have applications in which thermal data are to be made visible and processed by means of imaging processes?
Do you control / regulate / monitor processes or procedures that are temperature-related?

Vicosys® multi-camera system with thermography license


Enables advantageous and efficient measurements:

  • Non-contact temperature measurement on moving, difficult to access or very hot liquid, gaseous or solid objects.
  • Determine spatially resolved temperatures.
  • Non-destructive measurement.
  • To determine thermal data from the inside of products.
  • Subsequent measurement and analysis of stored images.

Our system offers the possibility to connect infrared cameras as well as visual cameras. Thus thermal images and grey value images can be combined and evaluated with the same image processing algorithms. Thermography cameras are connected to the multi-camera system via the standardized GigE interface. The images are stored in the system’s image memory in “FLIR File Format” and processed as in classical image processing.


You too can benefit from our extensive experience. Get to know our vicosys® multi-camera system with thermography license!

We evaluate the feasibility of developing your artificial vision projects without any commitment.


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