AutoVimation OEM Casing

OEM casing with IP66/IP67 degree of protection for special camera systems.

Basado en la Serie Chameleon, AutoVimation ofrece robustas carcasas de protección para cámaras especiales, como la “Time-Of-Flight (TOF)” de Basler. Permiten el uso de cámaras en condiciones extremas.

Based on the Chameleon Series, AutoVimation offers robust protective casings for special cameras, such as Basler’s Time-Of-Flight (TOF). They allow the use of cameras in extreme conditions.

The windows are mounted with special unglued joints so that they can be easily replaced. It also makes it possible to optimise its location in a very small space.

This type of housing is also ideal for Embedded cameras, as individual adjustment is easy.

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Protective casing based on the Chameleon Series for Basler’s Time-Of-Flight (TOF) camera.


Protective casing for IDS Ensenso N35, includes casing heating.


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