hr120 – The best and most anticipated high-resolution industrial camera sensor for machine vision in 2018.

At the beginning of 2018, the series production of the hr120 sensor, the most awaited and leading sensor in the sector of high resolution artificial vision industrial cameras, was started up.

Breaking the boundaries, redefining high-resolution images

The new hr120 sensor for industrial machine vision cameras of the SVS-Vistek series has an impressive 120 megapixel resolution. The ultra high resolution makes the hr120 the perfect solution for display inspection and electronics tasks, making it perfect for tasks such as large image microscopes.



Innovative image sensor and new temperature concept

The core of the hr120 is the new Canon APS-H CMOS sensor with 13,272 x 9,176 square pixels of 2.4 µm. This industrial camera sensor maximizes the benefits of the innovative temperature concept of the new HR series body design. Its optimized temperature management provides excellent optical accuracy and image homogeneity, allowing the sophisticated electronics to take full advantage of the low noise sensor’s advantages, thus providing an impressive dynamic range.

The M58 lens holder offers maximum flexibility in the selection of lenses and adapters.

Like all SVS-Vistek industrial machine vision cameras, the new member of the family includes all standard features such as a search table, area of interest, offset, flipping and binning along with many other functions. Extensive I/O options such as electrical and optical input, timer, sequencer and input operators make system integration easy, while the integrated multichannel flash controller eliminates the need for additional programming and hardware. Demanding users will also appreciate defective pixels and the shading correction function for the lenses.

Camera Link and CoaXPress interface

The sensor will come with the Camera Link version with 6.7 fps , and with a version of the CoaXPress interface, Q1/2018.

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