Smart camera with powerful image processing software – Pictor®Metimus

Set up image processing in 20 minutes without any prior knowledge!

The ready-to-use inspection procedure allows you to concentrate on the essentials. Clear orientation by adjusting image brightness, position tracking, test function and output definition allows you to efficiently implement typical tasks. Measure distances and angles, quickly find objects with 360° rotation and solve presence test tasks are possible in five minutes.


Smart camera with powerful image processing software – Pictor®Metimus


Other characteristics:

  • C-Mount flexible optics and lighting.
  • Controllable via digital IOs and/or Ethernet commands.
  • Graphical and modern user interface with automatic functions exclusive to Windows®.
  • Flexible adjustment of test areas (even polygons with curved edges are allowed).
  • Up to 256 different programs in one device.
  • Integrated switchable surface for process visualisation (HMI).


Here is a short video tutorial:

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