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The ultimate machine vision software is now available in the Embbedded version for smart cameras. Vision Components, in collaboration with MVTec, now offers smart cameras with an integrated platform that includes the HALCON vision libraries.



On the one hand, HALCON Embedded is a global standard software with focused IDE for integration into machine vision applications. Thanks to a flexible architecture, it allows the optimal solution to be achieved for any image processing task.



On the other hand, there are the intelligent cameras of Vision Components, which have a wide experience in the industrial sector, implemented in solutions dedicated to quality control and image processing in production lines. These devices provide the necessary computing power and direct communication interfaces, basic elements for getting the most out of software tools.



The combination of stand-alone hardware and powerful, complete software extends the range of solutions available on the market. In short, this provides an ideal solution.



Once the development of the application is done with the help of a standard PC and the loading of the vision routine into the hardware device, the program runs on the smart camera and is able to use all the artificial vision functionality of HALCON.



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