VC LibQ: New Tool for Machine Vision Systems

Are you an artificial vision professional looking for a vision system with a software tool that allows you to develop application programs quickly and easily? If so, the VC LibQ is exactly what you’ve been looking for!



Our new machine vision library combines two software tools that have been proven in over 20 years. It is available exclusively on our Z models.

The VC LibQ is based on the powerful VC Lib and MVTec Halcon® tools.



VC Lib Programming Library

Our VC LIB is an extensive library for machine vision professionals who provide everything needed for further development.

Among its functions, some of them stand out, such as:

  • VC barcode reader
  • Highly optimized stain analysis
  • Correlation with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Numerous measuring functions
  • Hough circle detection with accuracies up to 1/100 pixels
  • Sub-pixel accurate edge detection
  • Geometric transformation functions
  • Multiple filtering routines



Halcon Software Library for Machine Vision

With over 2000 operators, the Halcon software library is a reference library and allows users to quickly develop inspection programs for almost any machine vision project.

Some special features of this software are:

  • Easy to use
  • Rapid prototyping with the intuitive HDevelop development tool, with code export to C, C++, C# or Visual Basic
  • Interactive programming with intelligent online help
  • Graphical user interface, HD development wizards for code generation
  • Interactive data visualization and inspection
  • High-level language interfaces for C++, C and.NET languages such as C# or VB.NET
  • Easy convolutional neural network training with HALCON deep learning
  • Ready-to-use interfaces with hundreds of industrial cameras and image capture boards
  • Open interface for easy integration of other image acquisition devices
  • Extensive debugging support
  • Full documentation
  • Easy camera calibration for high accuracy


VC Libq Packs

VC LibQ is available exclusively for VC Z cameras. In addition, the packages are designed according to the different requirements that each person may have. This means that, if you don’t need the full extension of the Hawk Library, you can choose from several alternatives. Any package includes the full functionality of VCLib.


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