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New HF-12M lens series from Fujinon. Unrivalled!

Fujinon increases its C-Mount lens offering with the new HF-12M range. The lenses are compatible with 2/3″ sensors with 2.7 µm pixel pitch (also applicable to 1/1.2″ sensors), and with a mechanical construction that results in the lightest and smallest body on the market.


Vision & Control VCWin Pro

The professional version of VCWin is a GUI (Graphical User Interface), used in the field of artificial vision, with measurements in real time. All image processing functions are clearly represented and inserted by drag&drop without any programming knowledge.


SVS EXO183 Camera Link, high resolution and speed

The new Camera Link version of the EXO183 is a testament to SVS-Vistek efforts and work to further improve its models and expand its portfolio of machine vision cameras.


About USB3 Vision…

USB3 Vision has become an industry standard thanks to its connectivity and wide bandwidth, and what is the reason for this acceptance and deployment as one of the reference protocols in machine vision?


Color Measurement

The objective of this article is to present the principles of the digitalization of color, the technologies used in its measurement, the spaces of representation and its extrapolation to human logic and perception.


VS-WA06520/S – Lens for internal vision

VS-WA06520/S lenses are designed for viewing cylindrical objects such as cans, bottles or tubes.


VC + Halcon Embedded

The ultimate machine vision software is now available in the Embbedded version for smart cameras. Vision Components, in collaboration with MVTec, now offers smart cameras with an integrated platform that includes the HALCON vision libraries.

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