Multi-camera system Vicosys® 5400

What is incredibly powerful, individually configurable and combinable with more than 300 different camera types from different manufacturers? Vicosys® 5400


Short profile:

  • Fast image processing for compute-intensive applications with high image data throughput thanks to the Intel® processor of the 6th generation.
  • Replaces its predecessor Vicosys® 4400 and offers almost twice the image processing power.
  • Housing compact and robust, identical in construction to Vicosys® 5300.
  • Camera interface: GigE vision with PoE and parallel image acquisition.
  • Process interface: CANopen or Sercos 3, Modbus, various digital I/O, TCP/IP.
  • webHMI.

Vicosys® 5400 – a high-performance image processing system for complex tasks and time-critical program sequences.

What can the Vicosys® 5400 do for you?

Blob analysis, grey value test, 360° pattern search or rotary position with moments, image unscrewing or edge counting Gradient – exemplary tasks that can be completed quickly with this configuration.


The configuration is done through the powerful graphical configuration environment VCWin.

More information in: Vicosys Vision System

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