New HF-12M lens series from Fujinon. Unrivalled!

Fujinon increases its C-Mount lens offering with the new HF-12M range. The lenses are compatible with 2/3″ sensors with 2.7 µm pixel pitch (also applicable to 1/1.2″ sensors), and with a mechanical construction that results in the lightest and smallest body on the market.

They are available in 5 models according to different focal lengths.



Main characteristics:

  • Sensor size: 2/3″ and applicable to 1/1.2″. “1” also possible depending on the model.
  • Resolution: 2.1µm in 2/3″. 2.7µm on larger sensors.
  • Size: 33mm outside diameter. The most compact on the market in this segment.
  • Focal lengths: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm.



Sensor size evaluated with a 1.1″ SONY camera with IMX253 sensor 

The HF-12M series lenses are capable of maintaining high definition with 2.7 µm of pixel size throughout the frame (equivalent to 8MP).


Generally, standard lenses experience resolution degradation when the working distance or aperture changes. The Fujinon HF-12M series shows consistent 4D High Resolution performance.

Amazing sharpness is obtained under different acquisition conditions, maintaining this high level of sharpness both in the center and around the axes.

Result at 20cm working distance


Result at 40cm (left) and 80cm (right) working distance


  • 3 positions for locking the settings.

Other ranges, or standard lens manufacturers, use locking screws that may cause misalignment over time or interference with other system elements. The HF-12M series replaces these screws with compact, flat screws, so that they are inserted into the main body.


Comparison of conventional and compact screws.


  • They feature minimal distortion, where this is often the enemy in accurate measurement applications. A distortion ratio of no more than 0.05% is ensured.

Finally, Fujinon’s current range of C-Mount Machine Vision Lenses is distributed according to:



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