3D Acquisition Technologies

The main objective of 3D acquisition equipment is to generate a cloud of points with the information of the scene. This can be treated with specific software tools or used to generate a depth map and apply conventional 2D vision algorithms.

Cycle time? Occlusions? Catch without movement?

The application of technology will vary according to need and will be key to further analysis.


Laser profilometry

High-speed 3D linear acquisition technology - acquire thousands of profiles per second!


Fringe projection

Acquisition of the scene with high accuracy and resolution, in a single capture!


Stereo vision

Obtaining three-dimensional information by comparing images obtained with multiple cameras.


Time of flight

3D reconstruction from the speed of reflected radiation from the projection of an infrared beam.

A pattern-based behavior...

Sensors based on FRINGE PROJECTION technology acquire the scene without the need to move the piece or the sensor.

This technology is based on the emission of multiple lighting patterns to obtain three-dimensional information from their projections.

High resolution and accuracy is achieved in record acquisition time, thanks to the high computing power provided by the graphics processing units (GPUs) integrated into the sensor.

Acquisition of the scene

The use of this technology allows us to obtain a high-precision, information-rich point cloud. The occlusions generated by other linear customs technologies are eliminated.

High-level processing

Not one, not two, not eight.... Dozens of cores processing on the built-in GPU!

Acquisition of scenes with fields of view up to 3m in record time.

Laser profilometry

3D acquisition at high speed of movement

The systems based on 3D laser profilometry incorporate a linear laser to obtain the information through a CMOS camera.

The scene is captured using profiles, which requires linear lighting, allowing the illuminator's power to be concentrated in a very small area, reaching capture speeds of several thousand profiles per second.


Stereo vision

Robustness in the face of environmental changes in the scene!

Machine vision stereo emulates the behavior of human vision, generating a three-dimensional model by comparing two or more images obtained through cameras that make up a calibrated system.

The use of structured lighting in stereo vision systems, allows to obtain an unchanging 3D information in case of a variation of positioning or of different reflections of the material.

ToF flight time

Time of Flight (ToF) acquisition devices integrate an infrared projection source and generate 3D information from the time elapsed between the projection and the capture of the reflection produced.


3D analysis software

Applied technology


Bin picking

High precision 3D object positioning!

Taking objects of different geometries and positions from a container?

A combination of precise and fast machine vision algorithms, combined with an optimal design of the robot cell, is necessary to achieve success in this type of application.

We provide Bin Picking solutions with different 3D acquisition technologies, studying the most suitable solution for each case.


3D Measurement

In search of the micron (cubic)!

Three-dimensional measurement software using powerful algorithms and 3D inspection tools.

They provide the most accurate and effective solution for applications such as:

● Pin measurement on PCBs and alignment.

● Diameter and depth measurement of holes.

● Surface inspection of defects in depth.

● 3D welding control. Measurement of width, cord height, parallelism of planes, penetration control or lack of material.


Depth and profile analysis

Reconstruction using laser profilometry

Programming libraries for point cloud reconstruction and profile analysis.

They allow to obtain the information of profiles captured by means of a laser profilometry system and to analyze it in real time.

They allow a depth evaluation and measurement of each profile at acquisition time.

Compatibility with SVS Vistek, Basler, AVT, Cognex, Dalsa, JAI, Point Grey, IDS, etc. machine vision acquisition cameras.


CAD Correlation

Quality control using vector 3D Matching!

Vector and point cloud correlation algorithms and tools from CAD models.

● Identification of the model at the scene.

● Extraction of characteristics and control of material faults or excesses.

● 3D positioning for robot picking up.

● Processing of point clouds obtained through Photoneo, Gocator, MicroEpsilon, Cognex, Smartray sensors...