Image transfer

Because good communication ensures understanding!

The data channel and the image transfer protocol are selected according to the distance to the equipment, transfer speed or latency of the information. Equipment that meets GenICam standards will significantly reduce integration and development time.



The emergence of this standard was a true revolution and is now the most widely used standard in applications that do not require high data transfer rates.


USB Vision 3.0

Also subject to the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) standard, it ensures full compatibility of acquisition equipment and control devices via USB3.



Used in very high frequency data capture and volume applications, it ensures perfect synchronism with the framegrabber in any of its configurations: Base, Medium or Full.



He gets where the others can't!

86MPX cameras at multiple frames per second? It is only possible thanks to CoaXPress.



Electronic devices responsible for composing the digital image from the information received from the acquisition devices.

Hardware integration into the control PC is usually done via PCI, PCI-X or PCI Express communication slots. Data communication with acquisition devices is via GigE Vision, IEEE 1394, USB, CameraLink or CoaXPress protocols.

Although many PCs today allow the use of internal image composition cards in an efficient way, the main advantage of using framegrabbers is the image management in a fully dedicated, optimized process that does not interfere with the cycle time of the main process and therefore does not load it additionally with the image composition.

Advanced framegrabbers, based on FPGAs or GPUs, allow advanced algorithms to be programmed for maximum process performance.

Industrial Communications

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Digital I/O

Digital Input/Output communication logic with dedicated signals for communication at the "machine" level.


Data Communications

We supply our equipment to interact with customer data communication standards: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, OPC or custom data protocols.



Our systems are part of advanced equipment network architectures communicated by means of field buses. PROFINET, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS....


Industry 4.0

Big Data Architecture? Cloud logging? Data replenishment?

Ready for I4.0? We are!


Communication cards

Devices that enable dedicated industrial communication.

The communication cards are used in the control PCs of machine vision applications to expand the necessary communication ports or to have real-time communication protocols.

Protection and security

Because not all systems are developed in the laboratory....

Accessories created for the most demanding environments.

Protective casings

Enclosures and mountings for machine vision cameras for the harshest working environments requiring the highest degree of IP protection.

Housings with pneumatically operated protective membranes. Automatic cleaning systems of the optical elements for protection and durability against dirt and projections.

Liquid-cooled housings for high temperature working environments such as foundries and industrial furnaces.

Ask us about the special needs of integration or special protection of elements based on our experience in different sectors and extreme operating conditions.

Accessories for housings

All accessories without sacrificing maximum protection.


Air curtain

Dusty and dusty environments in suspension?

Don't let it affect the image quality!


Liquid cooling

For the most extreme operating environments. They guarantee, in addition to the operation of the components within specifications for durability, regulated conditions for maximum repeatability in image capture.


Mechanical supports

Accessories for the assembly and mechanical protection of machine vision components. They ensure system durability and professional integration.


Special windows

Special chambers require special elements. Anti-reflective windows, made of Germanium, with UV filters... and without lowering the degree of protection IP.



Protected camera! What about the lighting?

Don't worry, we have compatible lighting systems available without loss of protection.


Extended Protection

IP69K protection.

Don't let the environment be a problem! Underwater or in the oven.


Wiring also plays an important role for a robust and durable machine vision system.


Special wiring

Special standard wiring for machine vision. With threaded, angled, aerial connectors....


Robotic wiring

Special wiring with high resistance to torsion and electromagnetic interference, ensuring product integrity throughout the life of the system.


Custom wiring

Design and manufacture of wiring according to special needs. Customised connectors, cross-section, shielded, degree of protection...