Inspection and control

The acquisition of the necessary information is key to further image processing.

And now? Let's work on it!


Image acquisition

Integrated camera control via GenICam, via USB3 Vision, GigE, CameraLink or CoaXPress.


Code reading

Reading of 1D and 2D codes. With filtering and decoding algorithms for the most demanding DPM (Direct Part Marking) readings.


3D Localization

Optimized algorithms for 3D object location. Used in 3D bin-picking applications.


3D reconstruction

Reconstruction of point clouds from 3D profiles, depth maps or data rendering.


Image pre-processing

Advanced information processing algorithms to highlight the characteristics of the objects to be evaluated.



Input/Output (I/O) communication modules, data communication such as TCP/IP, RS232, OPC, or fieldbus modules such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS or EtherCAT.



Advanced tools for locating features and measuring distances and dimensions.



Optical Character Recognition. Algorithms for reliable reading of pre-trained or variable sources for demanding marking on inkjet, hi-jet, laser, labels or micropuncture.


Vector analysis

Recognition of geometric vector models. Model matching algorithms not susceptible to variations in contrast, scale or shape factors.


Color Analysis

Tools for RGB analysis, for color data conversions and even Chemical Color Imaging sorters for hyperspectral technology.



Defect location, surface analysis, feature checking, are made possible by powerful inspection functions.


Image Analysis

Obtaining characteristics for data processing, such as points, contours, vector models, etc.


Development libraries

Cycle time? No problem!

The SDK (Software Development Kit) components and libraries allow total control of the acquisition equipment through its API (Application Parameter Interface) and a great versatility in the integration in code based software projects.

Powerful command libraries for automated inspection in machine vision can be attached to our core project to, for example, control ARM architectures of external hardware, C++ based desktop applications, C++, Visual Basic.Net, C#, Java or remote web applications using Javascript.

Graphic environments

Ready, set, ready... Done!

Graphical User Interface (GUI) environments allow you to create machine vision applications in record time!

They feature a Drag&Drop visual configuration environment with multiple commands that simplify the operation of capture, inspection, graphic control and data communication tasks to external systems such as automatons or industrial robots.

Graphic environments present great advantages in their use, such as the rapid obtaining of results without the need for any programming knowledge, the elaborate debugging of errors or the inclusion of communication testing and data and image management utilities.

Custom Software

Being ahead of the game means having the most powerful systems in place before they are released!


Bin Picking

Taking objects of different geometries and positions from a container?

A combination of precise and fast machine vision algorithms, combined with an optimal design of the robot cell, is necessary to achieve success in this type of application.



Development of algorithms and software optimized for the client and the process, which in turn ensure compliance with traceability regulations, such as the new medicine law or data registration according to CFR21 or CQI9.


Surface inspection

Photometric systems with their own analysis algorithms allow us to reach a level of surface detection where other commercial systems do not.

This requires a system where acquisition equipment, lighting, telecentric elements and software are perfectly interlocked.


Industry 4.0

Data? How many? How many? When? Where?

We shape this broad concept! Equipment interconnection, Big Data architecture, databases, cloud storage, data feedback, deep learning...


What is your need?

You set the limits!

Our experience and competences allow us to assume turnkey software development, covering from the optimization of calculation algorithms to the graphical interface of operation and data extraction.

Our added value lies in the design of the complete automated system and not just the isolated machine vision system - a differential element for the success of your application!