Machine Vision up to date!


New SVS camera

SVS redefines the concept of high resolution.


Communicative image processing systems – direct communication without coupling modules.

Direct communication between the Vision & Control system and the PLC SIEMENS S7-1200.


ø45mm sensor support Telecentric lens (25MP/29MP/71MP)

At VST, they design, develop and manufacture a wide range of machine vision products from lenses, prisms and lighting. It includes macro, telecentric, line scan, zoom and fixed focus lenses.


Multi-camera system Vicosys® 5400

What is incredibly powerful, individually configurable and combinable with more than 300 different camera types from different manufacturers? Vicosys® 5400


Vision Components presents the VC nano 3D-Z!

Does your project require an intelligent 3D profile sensor?

Here comes the VC nano 3D-Z with visualization optimization for 3D reconstruction!


PhoXi® 3D Scanner

Ready for the most demanding 3D machine vision tasks!

Industry’s leading 3D reconstruction sensor based on fringe technology, high resolution, low noise, fast processing with integrated GPU, passive cooling, lightweight, durable carbon body and a unique, powerful laser projection.


Vicosys® multi-camera system with thermography license

Do you have applications in which thermal data are to be made visible and processed by means of imaging processes?
Do you control / regulate / monitor processes or procedures that are temperature-related?


The new color sensor CROMLAVIEW® CR10

The ASTECH team is pleased to present the latest “Sensitive” with news and updates on our LDM, VLM and CROMLAVIEW® Product Series.


AutoVimation OEM Casing

OEM casing with IP66/IP67 degree of protection for special camera systems.


The various transmission options with USB 3.0

After four years, the USB 3.0 interface has successfully established itself in the machine vision market. The USB3 standard plays an important role in this success.

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