Machine Vision up to date!

151 Megapixels: The shr411

The new member of our SHR series with a resolution of 151 megapixels and the Sony IMX sensor with its excellent image quality is a perfect tool for detecting more details.


Bluevision SWIR Cameras

Multispectral cameras allow visualization of long wavelengths, beyond the range of human-eye vision, especially the range from 1,200 nm to 1,700 nm.


EXO250 with Polarized Sensor Starts Series Production

The new polarized sensors from Sony are simplifying some very common machine vision tasks and opening the way to solving others, considered difficult until today due to material variability. These applications include fabric inspection, paint application control or surface inspection of highly reflective metal parts.

As one of the first camera manufacturers, SVS-Vistek is already delivering this type of technology in a serial production model.


New high resolution SVS EXO cameras with up to 31 Megapixel

High resolutions up to 31 megapixel and best image quality with a small footprint are the keypoints of the new EXO series cameras. Being available as tracer versions as well, they even permit to drive variable lenses.


Blue Vision lens series: optimized for blue light!

Within the visible spectrum, black and white image analysis is the most effective in blue light. Vision & Control’s Blue Vision series lenses are specially designed for this spectral range and offer maximum definition and the greatest possible depth of focus.


New SVS camera

SVS redefines the concept of high resolution.


Communicative image processing systems – direct communication without coupling modules.

Direct communication between the Vision & Control system and the PLC SIEMENS S7-1200.


ø45mm sensor support Telecentric lens (25MP/29MP/71MP)

At VST, they design, develop and manufacture a wide range of machine vision products from lenses, prisms and lighting. It includes macro, telecentric, line scan, zoom and fixed focus lenses.


Multi-camera system Vicosys® 5400

What is incredibly powerful, individually configurable and combinable with more than 300 different camera types from different manufacturers? Vicosys® 5400


Vision Components presents the VC nano 3D-Z!

Does your project require an intelligent 3D profile sensor?

Here comes the VC nano 3D-Z with visualization optimization for 3D reconstruction!

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